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Re: Fw: Blow OFF!!!

In a message dated 97-06-17 08:20:25 EDT, you write:

<< > Wow,you guys really look into stuff!
Homework keeps us from blowing up engines and turbos. 
 > From my expeirence with the Blowoff valve,
> My car spools alot faster than not.

Not sure what that means, a freewheeling turbo IS the correct way to look at
a Blowoff valve, so no one is disagreeing with you.
 > Now, Dave Busher,who happens to have one 
 > of the FASTEST Mitsu.cars on earth runs
 > an open blow of valve and Vincent Ten,
 > who was crowned THE FASTEST SUPRA IN
 > THE WORLD by Turbo mag. 10.68-138.7 this past
 > weekend,also uses an open blowoff valve....................
>but your  right I guess we're all doing it wrong!
>>  Never said that, neither did Mike.  How bout TESTING this out.  What are
the times WITH the BOV hooked up?  The consensus is, from both the talon list
and the audi sport guys, is that you are only "interrupting air flow", more
specifically, only creating turbulence by putting the BOV air back in.
 Hardly going to give you anything but the "nth" degree of time in a quarter
mile (less than 2/10ths, I would bet less than that on your audi, btdt), AT
the expense of other parts in your equation.  Using this same argument, you
should run a separate WG exhaust pipe.   You have a rich fuel spike, BY
definition, whether you want to address it or not, is your decision.  Given
that expensive 3in CAT that sits on your car (and prolly not in the two you
are quoting), I would take this more seriously, washing CATs with raw HC's
can be catastrophic.  MEASURE it Ross, don't quote fast and faster.  The
Talon list covers this in GREAT detail, by guys that go to the track ALL the
time.  And they posted times with and without.  That is homework....  That
Mike DID do for you.  A thanks would be more appropriate.
 > Hey,Bob.......Hey Vinny,guess what, thiers a
 > guy named Mike,and he did our homework,
 > and guess what........................
 > Ok now, Thanks to all 11 of you for the info on
 > Center force.The reason I didn't go that way 
 > myself is,I go to a yearly show called SEMA.
 > All the major performance guys go to it.
 > I spoke to the Center force guys and they said 
 > they can't help me. but I'll they giving them a 
 > call.
 Let a minor performance guy help you.  Sure they can, CF must have sent
marketing guys to SEMA, when the techs stay at home.  They have done CF
clutches for audis, specifically YOURS,  for at least 4 years, btdt.  They
are also involved in a lightened flywheel for the "bowl" cuts as well.  BTW,
they want a new clutch to do the "conversion" so this will be an expensive
upgrade.  Your welcome.
 > I guess no one has the 4.11 diffs for a 5ktq huh?
 >  >>
Yes, a few of us do, just aren't selling them.  Are you sure you want just
the diffs?

This list can help you, believe it or not.  A few of us did, and look what we

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