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Re: Fw: Blow OFF!!!

In a message dated 97-06-17 08:20:25 EDT, Ross wrote:
>  > Wow,you guys really look into stuff!......
QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote in return:
> Homework keeps us from blowing up engines and turbos.

>  > From my expeirence with the Blowoff valve.....
> Not sure what that means, a freewheeling turbo IS the correct way to 
> look at a Blowoff valve, so no one is disagreeing with you.

>  > Now, Dave Busher,who happens to have one.......
>  > .......weekend,also uses an open blowoff valve.
>  > but your right I guess we're all doing it wrong!
> This list can help you, believe it or not.  A few of us did, and look 
> what we got.

	I don't understand why so many listers are STILL wasting their
breath(or would it be 'fingers?')!!? It seems to me Ross is of a
different breed...not better, not worse, just different...and is not
quite fitting in/getting along/whatever. That is just MHO..I dunno. What
I do know is there's a huge gap between him and many of the listers and
it's not closing fast, if at all.
	Just because his Audi can close a gap quickly does not neccessarily
mean he can close a communication gap quickly, and it's quite
obvious...! The irony in his "Performance Spoken Fluently!!!" line is
almost too great!! I think it's a riot! Makes me wonder though...if he
is so far off in his sig. line, how far off is he in everything else?
Personally, I could_care_less if his Audi was better_than_an_RS2, he
STILL wouldn't impress me. JMHO!

> ...  Only english spoken fluently - .sig
> Scott

	Way to go Scott! ....'Bout time!  :-)  Sorry guys for the wasted BW. 
...I tried to keep my keyboard out of this....just couldn't resist
congratulating Scott! ...and then of course I had to throw my .02 in!
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