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Lister on 495S in Mass at 10:45 pm?

Hi all,
	I was jumping back onto 495 South last night after gassing up the
girl's Mitsu Eclipse in the Lawrence/No. Andover area when I noticed
taillights that seemed to be of Audi origin zooming up the on-ramp! I
immediately 'turned it on' in order to catch up and find out! Well the
other driver had a huge advantage on the on-ramp considering the
Eclipse's tires(in really bad shape and only 185/70 all-seasons!) and
the quattro's much better traction, which was being applied by a bigger
and better engine and of course..., so I could not catch up until later,
several miles down the highway! When I did, I thought I saw a red Audi
90 20vquattro, but was not sure of make and engine. I was sure of the
plate, however, which read "ZEROES", ...standing for the 4 Audi rings,
right? Before the driver 'peeled' off onto 93 North, I pulled up along
side of the Audi and made eye contact, so if that WAS a lister, I'm sure
the incident will be recognized!
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