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Re: quattro-digest V4 #835

Dan asked the following question;  the answer is the spoiler on the back
of Ned's car is a FOHA.  it was made in Canada in the late 80's and they
didn't sell any of them!  Ned acquired it from their junk pile along
with a few others.  the mold has since been destroyed.  Maybe we could
get Todd Candey to copy it... Id sure take one.  
P.S.  I just got rid of a '88 syncro wagon, miss it already :(  the rear
suspension was nothing like my 87 4kcsq, the syncro even had a factory
rear anti roll bar.

> Ned Ritche has one on his 5ktq and it looks very simmilar to the one on
> the 4000CSQ's rear trunklid.  Check it out...it's on Bob D'Amoto's web
> page otherwise known as the Audi Depository.  I believe it may be made
> by Zender, Tresser, or Kramei.  Anybody know for sure?
> Later,
> Dan
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I'm back on the list

Scott Doherty
Lakes Region Q Club pres.
91 200 tq20v
88 5kcst1
87 4kcsq
my 82 euro urcoupe on the way!