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alternator questions

pardon the bw if this is in the archives, but I can't seem to find it.

the 91 200 added a new trick today.  the abs and battery light as well
the e brake light all illuminated at once.  seem to remember this
that the alt. is shot.  replaced once by Audi dealer to the tune of
$700.00 and not willing to do this again. BTW 11.2 on channel 11 of
climate control and under 12 amps on guage.

  I'm wondering if this alt. is different than any other audi alt. ie
5000, 4000.  I know the 5000tq is the same as a 90 vw golf and would
really like to buy one of these!

Any help on a cross ref. or alternate part would be greatly appreciated.
tia and sorry if this has been asked before.

Scott Doherty
LRQC pres.
91 200 20vtq..no juice
88 5000cstq
87 4000csq
82 euro UrQ