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alt. Questions

Thanks to everyone on the response to my alt. questions esp. 
Ed Kellock and Bob Myers.
Got out of work at midnight, got home at 1:15 am and got out from 
under the 200 20v at 3:15 am.  GOT JUICE... 
The alt. was bad, called Linda at Carleson...$365 plus shipping.
Called local place that I get jobber price at and bought rebuilt 
115 amp Bosch unit for $200.95.

My baby runs like a dream again!

Thanks again.

Scott Doherty
LRQC Pres.
91 200tq 20v...MORE POWER AR AR AR!
88 5000cstq...getting ready for Blackhawk
87 4000cstq...new susp. next week
82 euro UrQ...will it ever get here?