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CB installation question

I'm installing a Midland CB that has all the controls in the microphone and
a separate box for electronics. On my 200, the most obvious place is
directly behind the glove box for the electronics, which puts the
electronics near the engine ECU and the antenna wire literally looping
around the ECU box in the passenger footwell.

Is this a bad thing? Will I get unusual interference when I key the mike?

It's my wife's car, and I'd hate for her to have any unexpected symtoms as
she's rolling down the highway...

BTW, the Audi is a beautiful car for installing stuff...I'm using a trunk
mounted Wilson antenna and it was painfully easy to hide the wire all the
way from the trunk lid up to the glove box. Very nice the way things come
apart and go back together. 

Anyway, I'd appreciate thoughts on whether I'll see interference between
the CB and the engine ECU...and if so, other wiring approaches that would

Lee Levitt
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