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scorpian or stebro


I have a 86 4KcsQ and recently upgraded the exhaust cat back.
I looked at both the stebro and scorpian.  Both seem to be made of 
the same high quality materials and both have claims of small 
performance gains.

I went with Stebro.  It was about 150-200 cheaper.  Included all the 
installation hardware and was very nicely formed in all 304 stainless 
with nice polished tips.  It fit my car without a hitch.  The sound 
is very nice.  Kindof a gurggling Saab note at idle raising to a 
snarl under full accel.  It also has a nice tone around 4000 rpm when 
cruising.  Biggest diff. in performance was the high end torque from 
about 4500 to red line increased dramatically.  The first time 
driving with it I was constantly suprised by how quickly it shot 
through this high end range, finding myself going into the red on a 
couple shifts until i got used to it.  

 For the price I think Stebro is a good choice.  Beware the 45 dollar 
tarrif fee for shipping into the US.  The phone call from the Border 
bond peop0le in Buffalo was a real suprise and would not release into 
into the US without some billing info.

Jim (4KCSQ)