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Re: Storage?

M Tipton wrote:
>      Check this out for storage!
> IBM's new MagStar MP 3575 Tape Library Data Servers......
> ...important for automated tape storage systems as they're
> used in network storage management, data warehousing, and
> digital libraries. The five new models range in capacity
> from 300GB to 4.8 terabytes. They can be used in isolation
> or as a "snap in" component of a Seascape storage system.

	Can they be connected to my Gateway 2K P100? For about 5 months now I
have been looking around for a way to increase the storage on my
computer due to the q-list, but no more! The 4.8 terabyte version sounds
like a conceivable answer to my problem, finally!
	Then again I could just quit working and ditch my girl in order to keep
up with the list. ....Or I could just un$ub$cr!be and $ub$cr!be to
QUATTRO-DIGEST version. ....Or I could just get a life, buy a Honda, and
un$ub$cr!be altogether completely...  :-(
	Nah! ....How do I get me one of those Data Servers Mike!?

;-) The above was inconsiderate abuse of the list's BW, no doubt, but it
was done as a joke to poke fun at my biggest foible.

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