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Please be gentle.....

This is my first posting to the list.  Tomorrow I pick up a '94 S4 Estate   
(Avant).  It is in immaculate silver with the 6-speed manual box.  It is   
fitted with Porsche-style cup alloys (RS2?) and has had a GTI Engineering   
Phase 2 conversion (anyone in the UK know exactly what this entails?)   
which gives 300bhp. It has also been lowered and firmed up   
(Bilstein/Eibach, I assume...I need to check) Is there a decent stainless   
steel performance exhaust system for the Estate?  Is the RS2 manifold the   
best option or does the Dialynx work on this car?  Lastly, are there any   
US mail-order companies that would sell a Valentine One radar detector   

Regards, Malcolm (working in UK but living in Dublin)