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Thanks to those on the list who responded to my 'Please be gentle' post   
both to the list and privately.  I've now had the S4 Estate for a couple   
of days and loving it! It's off today having the stereo fitted (and dare   
I say it, the hands-free carphone!)

I have noticed that there is a little smoke when starting up in the   
mornings. It's fine when warm or upon startup later in the day. Is this   
likely to be valve guides? It's been back to the main dealer, AFN in   
London, who can find nothing wrong!

As for cops tailgating, it reminded me of this joke....

A Highway Patrol motorbike was following a car along the Interstate
when the officer noticed that the couple in the car were having a
'heated' discussion and, as a result, the car was weaving across lanes
as well as speeding. He pulls the car over and asks the driver to wind
down his window.

Officer: Sir, did you realise that you were doing 70mph?
Harry: Sorry Officer, I couldn't have been doing more than 55mph.
Wife: What do you mean, you've been doing over 80 most of the way!
Officer: Did you also realise that one of your brake lights is out?
Harry: No Officer, I'll get it changed right away.
Wife: You've been saying that for the past month!
Harry:  Look, shut your mouth, you stupid b*tch!
Officer: Does your husband always speak to you this way?
Wife: Only when he's drunk!