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About Gruppe B and Sport Q's

	Yesterday, I watched a videotape called "The Rally Supercars" (or
	something like that). It featured the Audi Sport Q, the Peugeot
	205 turbo, the Lancia 037 and Delta, and the Ford RS200.

	I hadn't seen such footage since well before I was an Audi
	enthusiast, so I was quite fascinated by the Sport Q. The
	video was very sketchy about technical details, so I'd be
	interested in learning more. Anyone care to post details about
	these outrageous cars?  Interestingly, it wasn't clear
	from the video if Audi ever *won* any of the events -- how
	did they do?

	-Arun "four-wheel-drifting on I-80" Rao

Arun Rao
Pixar Animation Studios
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 215-3526