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R-134A Lubricant

Graydon, EXCELLENT point about the lubricants for R-12 and R-134A 
being incompatible.  I understand from my changeover experience 
that the R-134A requires a synthetic oil (gee whiz and hmmmmm, we 
sure do run into that term a lot any more don't we??) and will not 
work with the oil used for R-12.  While I can't prove it doesn't work 
the other way, I'm sure those who work in the industry would know.

The compressor which I bought as "R-134A ready" came pre-packed with 
the appropriate synthetic oil.  FYI, the packaging did NOT say that 
this oil would not work with R-12; it did however warn that the 
compressor had to be turned at least 10 full rotations before the car 
was started to dissipate the oil into the AC system.


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