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Cops Tailgating

Dan, Dan the list guy wondered why the po-leece tend to tailgate one 
for a while before pulling you over....

There's one very simple reason.  Many people who are speeding or 
doing other naughty things are:

1)  Highly inattentive, while simultaneously being - 
2)  Dumb as mud.

And if the cop follows them, it's amazing what additional interesting 
stuipd things they sometimes do!  (Unless they are the highly 
attentive and competent - but speedy - types which inhabit this list. 
In those cases, one observes nothing but sterling behavior.)  
Unfortunately, many speeders are astounding incompetent and 
inattentive drivers.

Back in mah ole' Ree-surv Deppity days, I once followed a car for 
over five miles down a twisty road - and he was never in his own lane 
except going around tight right-hand corners, at which time he was 
lucky not to fall into the ditch, he was so far to the inside.  By 
the time I pulled him over, I hardly knew whether to hassle him about 
a) the initial speeding problem, b) failure to stay in his own lane, 
or simply c) being a moron in public.  I finally decided the third 
was the main charge, so I chewed his butt about a and b and let him 
go with the chewing.  (The rule is, either write 'em or chew 'em out, 
but not both.)

I thought the best answer was one my sister gave to a state patrol 
who followed her for a couple of miles, then pulled her over and 
asked why she was weaving a bit in her lane.  (I'm sure he was 
checking to see if she was drunk, which is usually the case with 
weavers.)  Her answer: "You made me so nervous back there that I was 
trying to watch YOU, and it was hard to keep centered in the lane!"

He thought that one over and left.

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