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Re: Mt. Washington expedition

glen powell wrote:
> Those traveling to the Mt. Wash Hillclimb, don't go up Rte. 16
> through Conway. Take 93 to the Kankguhmangleus Highway,
> go up and over the notch and then bang a left onto Bear Notch Rd.
> This is the scenic and QUATTRO route! Bypasses all the traffic and
> outlet stores too. At the end of Bear Notch Rd. bang a right and
> this brings you into North Conway North of all the BS. Bang a left
> onto 16N and you're almost there.....
> ps My wife picked up some real nice color brochures covering the
> race at Shop & Save in Concord NH, beautiful pics of Bruno's ur-q
> at speed on the front cover and a nice photo of Frank Sprongle's S2
> on-course above treeline with what appears to be 1-2 FEET of sky
> between all four tahrs and the 'road'. NICE! Wish I could scan it in
> and post it........
> -glen   gpowell@acacianet.com   (I am NOT on this list)

Another route and it is great as well as short....93 to Rt. 3 at Twin
Mtn.....to Rt. 2 in Gorham, then down.....<2 hours from Concord....