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'98 30V A4 tiptronic

For some strange reason, the Audi dealer in Dublin, CA had one of these.
None of the other bigger dealers expect to get these for a couple of
months.  I went over and drove it around.  

It's faster than my '93 100CSQ w/auto, but not as fast as a stick
(surprise surprise).  I guess one can learn to use the tiptronic but it
struck me a gimmicky (a nice gimmick, though!).  I personally find it
easier to shift the lever manually when needed, instead of using the tip
feature.  I wonder why audi uses a different overall ratio compared to
the manual.  Both transmissions are 5 speeds.  I think the gearing is
what dulls the automatic A4, and not so much the sloppy torque

After driving the automatic car, I hopped in a manual.  It's definitely
more fun to drive.  If I end up getting one, I'll just have to live with
the inevitable cramp in my left leg from using the clutch in traffic.

Anyone have an opinion on which is the better buy?:

new '97 1.8TQ manual  = $27K
used '96 2.8Q manual  = $27K
new '98 2.8Q 30V man  = $34K


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