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re: '98 30V A4 tiptronic

Steve Valin <steve@sgi.com> said:
>Anyone have an opinion on which is the better buy?:
>new '97 1.8TQ manual  = $27K
>used '96 2.8Q manual  = $27K
>new '98 2.8Q 30V man  = $34K
>- -steve

Err, I might not make any friends, but the performance deal is the
turbo. (But you can probably get it for less than 27k)

With chips, exhaust, and monster turbos and intercoolers AND!!! you
could have 300hp, but more reasonable would be 220 to 250hp. The 12v
engine is tough to get hp gains without having to do headwork. 

If you prefer not modifying the engine and spending a few bux, then the
30v is your car. 190hp out-o-the-box, nicer interior and a REAL sport
package. It would be tough for _me_ to justify 7k over the turbo.

No matter what car, quattro is the deal of the century. But Im preaching
to the choir aint I?

Now, I get to ask a question... 
Should I buy 2 r4400 indigos or go ahead and get an O2?

Jason Palmer
97 A41.8tqm w/ more computing power than the Space Shuttle!