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Re: New Herpa 1:87 Audi

"George S Achorn III" <coolidge@tidalwave.net> wrote:

>>1. Take a look for the new cars of the Motorsports-Collection 1997. You
>>will find them under NEW RELEASES. 29 strong racing cars from the STW, DTC
>>und Porsche-Series: BMW, Alfa, Honda, Audi, Peugeot and Porsche. And
>>furthermore 6 exciting Trucks&Trailer of teams like BMW, Peugeot and AUDI.
>>Choose your winning team models of the Motorsports-Collection 1997...

>Sounds like a Touring A4 to me. Later-G

Yep, seen them, absolutely beautiful. Incredible detail. For the moment,
also incredibly expensive (that is, until they start to arrive in quantity)

Gimme one, gimme two... what the... I want 'em all! ;-)


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