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RE: Moving to the UK

Aleksander Mierzwa <alex@matrix.com.pl> wrote:

>I saw an 81 Ur-q advertised here in Poland, the price was about $2000,
>but I know nothing about condition. My 87 5K is worth about $5500, but
>cars are generally more expensive here than, let's say, in Germany. I
>also believe cars in Holland are cheaper than in the rest of Europe.

Don't believe that. A 1987 Coupe 2.0, no extras, nasty aftermarket wheels,
for Dfl 19K ($9.5K)? 1989 80 1.8S, no extras, shabby-looking, Dfl 12K? 1984
Audi 90 quattro, intergalactic mileage, for $2.8K? 1981 UrQ, no history,
threadbare interior, for $5K? All without any warranty. You can pick up
nice cars here for reasonable prices, but they're few and far between. In
Germany OTOH, there's a lower new car tax, resulting in much lower (like
-15 to -20%) prices. Something to keep in mind... especially because there
are no duties when importing into another EEC country. Importing a car less
than 100 months old into Holland is another story, and ends in legalized

Speaking about Ur-q, the price strongly depends on who the owner is. If
you are an Audi-freak you know Ur-q is something special and if you have
one for sale, you're gonna get extra money for it. But if the owner
thinks he/she just has an "old 2 door Audi that gets poor mpg", this one
can be the steal we are all looking for ;-)

That's not the case here anymore. Everyone who still has one, knows what
he/she has. Still, some affordable cars are to be had. I agree with
Douglas, importing a car from the US into Europe should be easy.

-just MHO


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
1988 Audi 80 1.8S, Tizianrot metallic, 210,000km

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