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Re: IC's the long and the nerdy

>Increase the efficiency of the IC, or increase the efficiency of the turbo,
>or best yet, do both.  Increasing the efficiency of the IC doesn't require a
>new IC necessarily.  Just a better design, the later 200t have it.  That's
>what I would do with a stock k26.  Increasing the efficiency by size, may
>dictate a visit to your friendly neighborhood KKK turbo dealer....  Hey, why
>not?  :)

>^The short and the easy here.  The long a complicated, btdt.
>More nerding available, hope this helps.  Be 'cool' folks.

Hi Scott:

Sounds like you've been down this path already so
which years 200t IC is a better design and will swap into
an '87tq?   Also, is there any difference to the k26 used in 944T
and the k26 in the 5k?    Looking for cheap and easy swaps.
Track junkies in Porsche club  are upgrading to
k27s and using the k26 for a paperweight.


Steve Jagernauth   jagernauth_stephen@bns.att.com
'87 5ktqw 1.8 bar
'87 5kt
'74 911/3.0 - no turbo needed :)