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IC swaps

All this talk about ICs got the wheels turning for looking into cheap stock IC
swap from another turbocharged vehicle.  Does anyone know the inlet
and outlet diameter of the IC hoses?  I'm at work right now and came across
a stock Porsche 930 IC measuring 16.5" x 11" x 2.5" with 3" diameter angled
inlet/outlet.  Will try to adapt this to fit somehow using silicone 
hose to connect
the ends if it'll fit in there.  Don't have any hard data on flow etc 
but the 930 3.3L
put out 300hp at 1.0 bar so I figure the IC has to be better than the 
wimpy Audi IC.

Any thoughts?

Steve Jagernauth   jagernauth_stephen@bns.att.com
'87 5ktqw 1.8bar
'87 5kt
'74 911/3.0