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RE: <All>Split Fire ruling by FTC

I've been thinking about this and the only use I can think of for a
spark plug like this is for cars with weakening ignition systems. The
added electrodes certainly can give more area for spark. VW used the
triple electrode plugs for emissions and Bosch is the only plug I would
use (The wife's GLI takes it as factory)

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>Subject: 	<All>Split Fire ruling by FTC
>This dates back a month, but since this keeps coming up....
>The Federal Trade Commission today announced the following actions:
>The consent order with SplitFire, Inc., of Northbrook, Illinois, 
>settles charges that the fuel economy, efficiency and improved 
>performance claims it made in ads for its spark plugs were false or
>unsubstantiated. The consent order prohibits SplitFire from making
>fuel economy, emissions, horsepower, or cost savings claims without
>competent and reliable scientific evidence to support them. It also
>bars misrepresentations about the existence, contents, validity,
>results, conclusions or interpretations of any test or study. In
>connection with testimonials, the order requires SplitFire to have
>competent and reliable scientific evidence to substantiate claims in
>endorsements or testimonials; to disclose either what the typical or
>ordinary consumers experience would be or the limited applicability of
>the endorser's experience to other consumers. (See Feb. 11, 1997 news
>release for details regarding this case; Docket No. C-3737; Commission
>vote on April 28 to issue this order as final was 5-0.) Staff contact
>is Laura Fremont, San Francisco Regional Office, 415-356-5270.<<
>>>6th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W
>>>Washington, D.C. 20580
>I suggest that all SplitFires be given the flotation test (throw 
>parts in large body of water and if they float, they are OK; if not, 
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