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oil pressure and stuff for Nat

(1) Your oil pressure is normal. Cold oil is less viscous and
pumps at high pressure.  Pressure comes down after it warms up.
Since your system is not regulated, at high rpms or when cold it is
basically "off the scale".  Your numbers are typical.

(2) Your owners manual has an oil viscosity chart to select the oil
by outside temperature.  basically 10-30 under 60 deg F and 20-50
over 20 deg F.  10-40 is indicated to have no range benefit over 10-30,
and many lubrication experts say 10-40 is compromised by viscosity extenders.
That said, my dealer puts 10-40 Castrol in everything.  Go figure.

(3) Your car knocks and has low power?  Bad gas?  carbon bulduip in the head?