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A4 prices

>>I think $27K is a bit high for a 1.8T.  You can do better with some shrewd

>>And $34K is roughly $2500 too high for a '98 30V.  I paid $31.4K for mine,
>>with all options except sport package (didn't order because details were
>>not clear) and tiptronic (no way, no how!).  Shop around!

>>- - Josh Pinkert
>>- - flush@radix.net

Maybe, maybe no.  At present, the local dealers are sold out of _ALL_ 5-sp 
until August/September.  very little price negotiating going on. basically $1k 
under list.

I just figured I'd pay $27 for the 1.8tq, blah, blah and $32 for the 30V when I 
went a-drivin
two weeks ago.  My 90q20v felt better immediately.