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Digital Dash

I own an 89 200TQ and an 87 Coupe GT. Both died last friday! (Kinda
embarasing leaving two dead Audis on the side of the road and walking
home!) The 200 looks bad. Had to push it home with the wife's Caravan
because after I tried jumping it with the GT they both decided to croak.
The cause of the Coupe dying was that the fuel pump decided to quit! The
200 on the other hand looks like a major problem. The day before the 200
died, the water temp guage stopped working. The water level looked OK so I
figured it was the sending unit. The next day my wife called from work and
said that the 200 wouldn't start. She called back latter and said it
eventually started and was on her way home. She almost made it. Once I
finnally got the 200 home I noticed that I couldn't see any water in the
resivoir. So I filled it. The oil looked a little low but not bad. I put
the charger on it over night and attempted to start it the next day. Humph,
it seems to be turning over a little hard. Wow, the water is way down
again, gulp! the oil level seems to be up a quart! Oh my God! is it blown
or what. Any thoughts before I call the local Audi expert?

Mike Des Chenes

87 Coupe GT
89 200TQ