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RE: More Power for the Panzerkampfwagen VIII Rally Car

Graydon, Yep, I'm in the "open" class. We can run anything as long as
the motor is derived from the manufacture's line. So, A VW VR6 or Audi
V6 is cool. I was trying to stay on the mild side because the car has
great reliability and I'm afraid of ruining a good thing by slamming   
a big turbo on it. The 5cyl is good, it has pletty of low end power but
runs out of steam later in the power band. I think a V6 would help the
weight distribution. the car is a little nose heavy.  We are going to do
the Sunriser Div Pro rally in August. That's in      southern Ohio for
you unwashed. You should come on out if you are close it's BIG