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Re: Window Regulator Replacement 4000 series

afinney@tamsconsultants.com wrote:
> Well, I did it. I replaced the cable in my window regulator for
> $10 and saved $400. My UrQ window would only go up, not
> down after a lound twang noise. I knew that the cable had
> broken. Not wanting to spend $400 to replace the
> motor/cable assembly I bought 2 Shimano Deraileur cables......
> ...... Ta dah. You're mostly done. Now put it together with
> lots of grease and test the thing by connecting only the
> power to the motor and running the window.

	Wow. I too looked at the assembly and said to myself, "There MUST be a
way to fix this!" Alas, I was told by everyone that there was in fact no
way, and was also quickly informed not to buy used regulators unless I
wanted to keep buying 'em! So I bought an aftermarket window regultor
for 145 tax-free dollars and then paid 50 dollars for an hour of labor
to get a *similar* result on my '86 Coupe GT. Problem is in the fitment
of the window. The window no longer returns PERFECTLY to the top of the
door/window frame. Ends up the outline of the glass aligns itself almost
a half inch off at the rear top corner of the frame thus deeming it
neccessary for the motor to push that extra little bit to properly 'set'
the glass in its frame. It seems to be a combination of the track not
being properly designed and the bolt holes in the bracket for the glass
not being properly aligned with the stock holes. I have tried redrilling
the holes but to no avail. Same with bending the track. The damn
aftermarket piece also fails with regards to speed of window! The
driver's regulator(original with infinite uses DAILY by DRIVER!) now
'beats' the passenger's in a race up or down! Both of those annoyances
are making me consider the above repair...if I still HAVE and can FIND
my old stock regulator! :-(
	I do not have the name of the manufacturer handy and it is not written
on my receipt so I cannot ask if other listers have had similar
experiences with 'brand X', but am wondering if anyone else has had
similar poor results with an aftermarket regulator and what they did
about them...if anything. Thanks.

> Executive summary.
> Major PITA job. Almost not worth the money if you make a
> mistake or two and have to repeat the steps. Attempt only if
> you are mechanically minded. Have fun.

	How is the performance of the window? I am refering of course to the
alignment and the speed of the window. Is it exactly the same as before?
If so, congratulations! Also, knowing what problems I have and what
price I paid for such problems, would you still attempt it to avoid my
results? If you're happy with the end result and think it's worth the
effort, I may attempt it.....once I finish all my oher more important
projects of course. :-) So thanks for the procedure!
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