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Re: Car phones

Robert Myers wrote:
> Yes, Allan, it *is* dangerous to operate a cell phone while in a car.  It
> is also dangerous to watch that deer beside the road to see if it's going
> to step out in front of you.  It is also dangerous to sneeze.  It is also
> dangerous to listen to the radio.  It is also dangerous to attempt to
> intercede between fighting kids in the back seat.  It is also dangerous to...
> I am sorry that your child was injured in an accident.  I'm sure that that
> experience was extremely stressful and may continue as a stress even now.

	I was refering to my Audi, not one of my children. My 'baby' is a term
I, and many others, sometimes use to describe the car I love. Actually
was rather humorous to read your post. ;-)

> Your use of the cell phone and the inattention to circumstances around your
> car may well have been the main cause of the accident.  But that cell phone
> was merely one of thousands of possible distractions which happen every
> time you get behind the wheel.  It shouldn't bear more blame than any of
> those other distractions.  If we ban cell phones, we should also ban
> radios, GPS systems, CB radios, radar detectors, highway advertising
> (hmmmm, now there's a thought), wildlife, crying children, and female
> pedestrians with short skirts just to name a few.

	I agree. If you go back in the archives, you will find that I said the
exact same thing about women being just as much a cause for concern
regarding accidents as cell phones. I realize it's only a distraction,
but it's one that not everyone has mastered yet, even me. And I'm not
even sure cell phone use CAN be mastered!
	I just wanted to relay my incident to all of you so that maybe someone
will realize that they can cause an accident and as a result not use it,
thus maybe I will have indirectly prevented something nasty. :-)
	No strong opinions on this matter...I still use mine and would be VERY
upset if they outlawed 'em!   %)
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