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Ways to Improve A/C in Coupe GT? -Reply


On my 87 CGT, I had the side and back windows tinted when I lived in
Dallas.  When I was asked how dark I wanted them, I didn't have a clue
what to say.   The installer prompted me "Dark as legal?" and I agreed.

The rear window tint is such that most of the time I do not have to dim the
inside rear view mirror at night.  The same can be said for the side
mirrors, almost.  The side window tint is noticeably lighter than the rear
when two samples are held up side-by-side, but on the car, with the
C-pillar in the middle, it is not noticeable at all.  I haven't ever felt that my
night vision was limited beyond what was comfortable.

I've had it on for nearly 5 years and it is still in good shape.  I have only
been told once that it is too dark (Iowa State Trooper).  He suggested I
have it removed but couldn't cite me for it because he didn't have his
"light meter" with him.  Whatever.  I moved out of state 3 weeks later.
(Although the car is still there, until this weekend).

In my experience, the black dash which is right under the rather steeply
raked windshield seemed to be the main source of heat soak when
parked in the sun.  I still threw a white towel over it when I parked.
Even with the tint, I still would also would like to improve the AC

Ed Kellock .............. Greenville, SC
91 200qw ................ 87 Coupe GT
Ed Kellock