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Berzerk pressure transducer -Reply


I've been having similar weirdness on my 91 200qw (IA stage 3) along
with a problem getting max boost.
The relative scale is usually  .4 off throttle coasting and highest is 1.7 to
1.8.  But I have seen as low as .2 when coasting and 1.1 full throttle
(max boost limited).  Sometimes when it seems I'm about to be
boost-limited, I get some misfiring at high boost levels.  Something is
definitely not happy under there.  When really cool, it runs pretty well.

Mine seems to be relative to the outside temp and/or how warm things
are in the engine compartment.  When temps are high, I won't get full
boost.  This happens if I sit in traffic for a while or if the cars has only
been shut down for a short time and restarted.  I noticed this behavior
first during my cross-country trip.  When I would pull off the interstate to
get gas, then get back on, I would not have full boost for "merging" :-).
After a few miles apparently things would cool enough and I could get
max boost again.  

This behavior seems to be getting worse and although the car still has
adequate power, it obviously needs some attention.  You caught my
attention with this one because of singling out the pressure transducer. 
That is on part of the IA mod I have; the pressure transducer is changed.

I haven't started to troubleshoot this yet because of time constraints.  I
am also waiting until I get my other car down here so I have alternate
transpo in case I really screw somehting up poking around in there. :-)

Any suggestions about what to look at would be appreciated.

Ed Kellock