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Berzerk pressure transducer -Reply

>>From: Ed Kellock <EKELLOCK@ecs-inc.com>
>>Mine seems to be relative to the outside temp and/or how warm things
are in the engine compartment.  When temps are high, I won't get full
boost...  When I would pull off the interstate to get gas, then get back on,
I would not have full boost for "merging" :-). After a few miles apparently
things would cool enough and I could get max boost again.  

I've been seeing the identical thing in my 87 5kTQ with the QLCC 1.8 bar
chip. Some of the time, usually when the engine compartment is hot, I
can't get more than 1.1 or 1.2 bar boost.  I'm suspicious of an
intermittently bad WOT switch and will be replacing it this weekend.
Report to follow.