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Pikes Peak warmup run, sort of

I'm baaa-aack.  
Flew to Chicago Saturday morning to meet some friends from Iowa who
brought over the Coupe for me to take home finally.
Left Chicago noon Sunday.  Arrived in Greenville 2am.

13 hours.  730 miles.  2 stops for gas, food, etc.  2 stops for etc... ;-)
Ran A/C the whole way.  Water temp never above normal mark.  Oil temp
varied one tick either side of 130.  (Mobil 1 15W50).  Average 64 mph. 
Driving time 10:20.  22.1 mpg.  Only needed 4th gear for mountains in
Kentucky & Tennessee.  Cruised between 68 and 75 with highest speed
seen 85+.  On uphill stretches, cruised right by several Suburbans,
Tahoes towing stuff.

87 Coupe GT, 2.3, 110k with original heater valve filled with:  two cats
(who slept in the litter box, together, for first 10 hours ??? ).  Nice aroma.
Uhaul 4x8 trailer filled with house plants (one eight foot ficus tree,
several other plants large enough to need to be carried alone),
7x3x2-foot wooden bird cage, 2 vacuum cleaners, floor jack, jack
stands, battery charger, etc.  (Not a light load).  

I-40 between Knoxville & Asheville at midnight was interesting for the
first timer.  Lots of curves (posted 45-50 mph) and elevation changes. 
Would have been really fun in daylight, in the 200qw.

Ed (35 going on 25)