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Berzerk pressure transducer

Started the car up this morning and the digital boost guage read .3-.4 bar
low. Worked fine yesterday, haven't even harassed the car lately. Drove all
morning, max indicated would be 1.1 to 1.2 while mechanical boost guage read
10-12 pounds boost (normal indication would be 1.5 to 1.6). Without start,
it would read .5-.6, whereas normal would be .9...
Vacuum indication - no change from normal 16" with fan running, 17" without
at idle.
  Now if there were a vacuum leak, the digital would tend to read high, not
low. That's how I've found leaks in the past...
  And for the crazy part - come home 5 minutes ago, turn it off and back on
again - slowly comes up to .9... Start it up - appears normal. Throughout
this, relative scale seems to remain the same.

Added data points: no voltage problems as of late, car runs as normal,
abnormally high temps/humidity last few days as opposed to previous week
(94-96 degrees w/rain).

Any ideas? May be time to upgrade to 2.5 bar 'ducer...

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