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Non-quattro threads ... [WAS: motorcyclists]

... although this is a topic in which I am interested, it probably doesn't
belong on the list.  Rob and I traded private e-mails last night, and I 
think he is a reasonable guy, he simply hadn't seen the other side of the
coin.  There are a lot of bikers here on the list ... listmeister included!
The thing that bikers need to keep in mind is that cagers develop their 
attitudes from the way the folks on bikes act ... if everyone that rode 
a motorcycle showed consideration for the folks in the cars they wouldn't
be tempted to tap brakes or hang out arms as much.  There are more of them
and they are bigger ... so when you think about ripping that arm off just
remember that the one armed guy still has an arm to vote for legislation 
restricting motorcyclists ... as will the handful of folks around that 
saw it!  

... oops ... I just contributed to the thread myself!  Anyway, it seemed 
like we were making good progress to get things back on the quattro track,
things like motorcyclist attitudes and gender are probably best dealt with
in private discussions ...

Anyway, every day I'm getting more and more excited about Pikes Peak, and 
I'm looking forward to getting to meet those of you who will be able to be 
there!  Thanks to all who helped put it together (Jim, Ben, James and 
others)!  I'll have the camcorder there, so we'll be able to have a get 
together here in the SF Bay Area afterward to watch if any are interested.

... all I've got to do is get the CV boots done, find the hyd leak and if 
I have time change the water pump and timing belt.  Arun, do you mind if
the A/C isn't working?  :)

San Jose, CA (USA)