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Re: self-serve window tinting

>Anyone BTDT or swore it off forever?

BTDT, not sure I'd do it again. The process is simple enough but getting
the good film is going to be hard. I found a few places willing to sell it
to me in Oz, but I had to buy the roll, enough for about 60 cars. The
easily available film is just tinted polyester, not worth the effort of
applying, you need to find some titanium film.

As far as applying it to the rear screen, you have two options.  The most
common method is to cut the film into strips to get it to conform to the
curves. This can be effective if done well. The better option is to cut you
film to the basic shape plus 50mm in each direction. Then lay it over the
outside of the screen & shape it to the curves with a heat gun. (easier
said than done) This gives an excellent result., assuming your patient &
half the film the right way up!


John Firkins