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Re: Cops Tailgating

>Al Powell wrote:
>> I thought the best answer was one my sister gave to a state patrol
>> weavers.)  Her answer: "You made me so nervous back there that I was
>> trying to watch YOU, and it was hard to keep centered in the lane!"

My favorite tailgating cop story comes from my neighbour. As he was being
tailed on his way home one night, a traffic light turned yellow & he went
straight through the intersection. The cop pulls him over & gives him a
ticket for going through a red light.  Pretty rough but very hard to prove
otherwise, so he takes the ticket & continues on his journey.  A km or so
further down the road, the cop arrives on his tail again, they approach the
next intersection, light turns yellow, neighbour jumps on the brakes
stopping just before the intersection. Cop car destroys the rear of his 6
month old Benz before coming to rest in shop window.

When asked in court about the incident, the officer replied "I didnt think
he was going to stop, he went through the previous intersection on the


John Firkins