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Re: 5000/100/200 Heater Control valves

phil rose sez:
>I just came back from Pep Boys and had a look at the heater control valve
>(#74671). It's *mostly* metal, but the valve and body are (black)
>plastic--overall body is same diameter as the heater hose i.d. One hose
>connection is metal and the other is part of the plastic body. Is this the
>design considered to be superior to the OEM part (or just cheaper)? BTW it
>sells for $23.99.

not the same piece i have.  mine is all metal.  or i should say there is
no externally visible plastic on mine.  and it was $19.99...
i would guess pep boys is free to stick whatever part is available in
the box as long as it works, so caveat emptor.


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