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Metal heat cont.valve-all look like this?

>3/4" diameter metal tube, 2" long, with brass plug on one end and a 2"
>diaghragn like housing on the other
>3/4" hose receiver about 1/2" from plug, another about 1" higher, facing opp
>The diaphragm housing has a nipple for the vacuum line.
>1) Is this similar to the Pep Boys version?
>2) Since there is no indication for flow, does it matter which direction it'
>3) Which way does the coolant flow through this line?Towards the engine, or

this sounds/looks exactly like the pep boys one i installed.
i installed it with the nozzle that is closer to the diaphragm toward
the heater core, the nozzle on the plug end toward the engin block.

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