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Re: Tool for 854kq CV joint

brendan sez:
>They are actualy a 12-point pattern.  THe tool is referred to as a 12
>point or a triple-square.  If your in a bind run down to the Auto parts
>store and pick up a set of these.  I got mine from Carquest for something
>like $13 for 4 different sizes.  I don't recommend buying these cheapies
>since the tool may wreck the bolt.... Just be careful and obey the torque
>(33 ft lb) spec...

i believe this torque spec is for the CVJ's on NA cars.
the turbo CVJ bolts should be torqued higher (maybe 45? going from
memory here.)
reason i know this is i once stripped a 4kq CVJ 12 point bolt because i
had the bentley open to the page with the urq torque specs...


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