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Tool for 854kq CV joint

In message <msg790647.thr-12b6f43.4c4d19@voyager.umeres.maine.edu> John_Russell@voyager.umeres.maine.edu (John Russell) writes:

> what the &%#@ is that d*** bolt that holds the inner CV joint to the
> drivetrain flange?
> There are 6 bolts hold the half-axle to the drivetrain. These bolts are
> NOT torx but have an 8point star pattern. I f anybody gots any info on
> these funky bolts, I would love it, especially since the buyer is
> waiting with cash-in-hand to buy this car AFTER the CV joint has been
> replaced. The car is now up on blocks, with one wheel off and awaiting
> the removal of above metnioned bolts.

I think you'll find they're 8mm 12-point, sometimes called "triple square".  
Many accessory shops do a pack of two 12-point bits - one for the cylinder head 
bolts and one for the driveshaft bolts, packaged with a 1/2" adapter.  Usually 
these are labelled for "VW", not for Audi.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club