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age and the Eaton family station wagon

In message <Marcel-1.08-0622205314-0b0a*qQ@sparkg.wave.co.nz> Greg Spark writes:

> Makes an interesting exercise wondering what kinda woman is going to
> be happy to take 3rd place behind your first two. Maybe we could start
> a new thread entitled "Ideal partner for Dave Eaton". Must be hordes
> of green listers keen to give you a few tips Dave.

One of our members has a very intelligent and attractive young wife.  For a 
number of reasons, I won't identify either of them.

But she is unusual.  The area meetings vary between areas - some are very male 
and macho, some are much more "family" affairs with many more wives attending.  
This particular one is different, in that she shares her husband's enthusiasm - 
going out on cold, wet rallies (there is no other kind in the UK) and 
generally encouraging and helping with his membership of the club.
Or so I thought.  One night the subject of wives and cars came up, and he 
waxed lyrical about his luck in finding a woman with an interest in cars. 
During the discussion he went to the washroom. I was sitting next to her, and 
just tossed over the casual question: "_ARE_ you interested in cars?"
"Not at all," came the answer.  "It was _HIM_ I was interested in."

I strongly suspect she's just biding her time. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club