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Re:Tool for 854kq CV joint

>Cut the things off,if you are in a hurry,and replace by
cap heads from any 
>good machine shop outlet.They only use these things to
deter the casual 
>mechanic.They offer no inherent advantage over a cap
head.You won't find 
>these "funky" bolts holding a `plane together,nor an F1
  These "funky" bolts are rated at an "extremly high" shear
for a bolt of their size.  The head design is special to
add strength
in the head without the need for washers.

If you are going to "replace" them MAKE SURE you get
a sutiable sub, of the same shear strength!(Good Luck!)  

Try loosing a inner CV at speed!
You will know the meaning of "Beat the engine to death"