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Re: Tool for 854kq CV joint

John Russell wrote:
> what the &%#@ is that d*** bolt that holds the inner CV joint to the
> drivetrain flange?
> There are 6 bolts hold the half-axle to the drivetrain. These bolts are
> NOT torx but have an 8point star pattern. I f anybody gots any info on
> these funky bolts, I would love it, especially since the buyer is
> waiting with cash-in-hand to buy this car AFTER the CV joint has been
> replaced. The car is now up on blocks, with one wheel off and awaiting
> the removal of above metnioned bolts.

Those 12 pointers are used in a lot of Euro cars. You can get a 4pc. kit, US-made by 
Leslie, at any Pep Toys. Like 12 bux or so.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ
'97 A4TQ
on order