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Re: Tool for 854kq CV joint

In article <msg790647.thr-12b6f43.4c4d19@voyager.umeres.maine.edu>, in 
mail.Audi_List,John Russell wrote:

> There are 6 bolts hold the half-axle to the drivetrain. These bolts are
> NOT torx but have an 8point star pattern. I f anybody gots any info on
> these funky bolts, I would love it, especially since the buyer is
> waiting with cash-in-hand to buy this car AFTER the CV joint has been
> replaced. The car is now up on blocks, with one wheel off and awaiting
> the removal of above metnioned bolts.

Cut the things off,if you are in a hurry,and replace by cap heads from any 
good machine shop outlet.They only use these things to deter the casual 
mechanic.They offer no inherent advantage over a cap head.You won't find 
these "funky" bolts holding a `plane together,nor an F1 car...

    Best Regards,
                 Chris Wilson