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I guess your right I do understand this, and I must admit this
is going to sound ignorant... and maybee it is, But when your
on top of a two wheeled vulnerable rocket and the adrenalin is
dripin' at a slightly accelerated rate, you get this feeling that 
you have somehow earned a little extra privelage. Yeah that is 
ignorant. But I don't think I'll lose this feeling anytime soon.
I hope not anyway. When I get on a bike, I get a little younger,
a little more reckless, and a little more indestructable,(feeling).
And besides, I'm helping the environment by riding my cycle...
Does this buy me anything?

- Begining to understand, or at least apreciate,


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>I fail to appreciate how a motorcycle could be one more vehicle that you
>wait behind. For if it is in the front of the queue it will be away before
>could ever dream of grabbing second. Even the Quickest URQ is slow
compared to
>any bike above say 400cc.

Not every bike makes it to the front of the line by the time the light
turns green. Then they must merge in. Not every bike is a Katana or Ninja,
and not every rider pegs it off the line. The car behind the bike has to
wait for it to move, regardless. At the next light down, there is the bike
in front of the line again.

I fail to believe you don't understand this.
-Rob Winchell

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