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So howcome the government doesn't ban smoking, I suspect there is
more government money spent on Smoking related healthcare than the
few serious head trama cases.

- Douglas

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Not a chance in the U.S.  Too many lawyers.  Here's the problem:

You're riding a bike.  You have an injury-accident.  You may or may not be
insured.  The hospital is not allowed to refuse you medical care (true law).
The state winds up picking up the tab, but, being the state, they only
really pick up perhaps 60% of actual bill.

This happens all the time.  Both hospitals and the government then have a
vested interest in keeping your medical care bills after an accident down.
Since we can't refuse you care, and wouldn't even know if you had coverage,
and since your parents might sue if they didn't, they have to provide the
care.  Because the U.S. Constitution forbids debtor's prison and Chapter 11
(official personal bankruptcy) is so common, plus the average motorcyclist
not having all that much in salable assets, collection proceedings aren't
real effective.  Therefore, the helmet law.

On your other post, you would be more effective if you attempted to be civil.  

Your message included: 
>You are a compleeeeeeeeeeeete jerk for doing that! ... Or are you just
Jealous that I can plod along while you sit there?

It might have been more effective to point out that he was potentially
endangering the motorcyclist, rather than causing all of us to rightfully
think that you, if not all motorcyclists, are simply immature whining children.

For my part, I am -very- considerate of motorcyclists.  Some, however, are
idiots and zoom between cars at stops much quicker than is safe -or- legal.
(Calfornia, at least, has a speed differential limit.)

>From: Douglas.Mancini@Holland.Sun.COM (Douglas Mancini  - Order Manager -
OFC Netherlands)
>I like your Survival of the fittest comment... Now if you would just let 
>us ride without helmets...
>- - Douglas

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