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car searches

I've retitled the subj to reflect the turn this thread has taken. Hope
this anecdote is diverting if nothing else. Back in the mid 60s I had a
lovely red 1953 XK120 MC Jaguar. Well, I was driving out in the hills east
of San Diego when a cop pulled me over and asked me to follow him to his
cop shop in a little town.  Once there we went inside, while my then
girlfriend stayed in the car. Inside the officer proceeded to grill me on
how a "long hair" (of course I'm bald now) could have such a car. We
talked a bit and I mentioned that I'd like to call my dad who happened to
be the legal officer at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego.

Very quickly the officer ended the conversation and told me to go on my
way. I was relieved to do so immediately. On the way back Diana mentioned
that while I was inside another officer was going through the Jag looking
for God knows what. So much for legal searches!

	- jon