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Cops tailgating

In message <33A8C704.5C01@tiac.net> Allan Jones writes:

> So true! Have you ever been *followed* for some distance...

Last night - slipped onto A64 behind me, 30 secs earlier I'd been doing 
100+... ever tried driving 13 miles at 68 mph? By the time I pulled into my 
local tesco to refuel I was ready for the nuthouse - and still they followed 
me. Started filling up (no eye contact - I'd not noticed them - honest) next 
thing -
 'Is this your vehicle, Sir?'
  'Yes officer, is there some problem?'
  'Go pay for your petrol then pull your car over there please' 
 Pay, move car, find some id - really worried -
'Don't want your id mate - I just wanna look at the car - I've wanted one of 
these for years - ever since I watched 'em rally'

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro 
75 H-D SX175 (stripped for rebuild - far too long ago)