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Audi vs. motorcycle

Wendell Gurley
06/19/97 10:18 AM

Well, for those carping Quattro owners complaining about motorcycles...tune
into the BMW motorcycle internet group and surprise...they're saying the
same things about you.....   hope this wasn't a Quattro Club owner busy
talking on his cell phone.

>Subject: Re: BMW: Being Alert Pays Off
>Roozbeh Chubak wrote:
> I had a near bad one today.
> I had slowed down to a stop, and as I always do, I checked my mirrors to
> make sure I was safe.  But no! I see this Audi directly behind me braking
> furiously, his front end pushed way down, and he is gaining on me at a
> that I know he is not going to stop before hitting me!  So I got the hell
> out of the way:  I was already in first gear so I just opened the
> The Audi managed to finally come to a stop, way past the pedestrian
> The lesson: Look 3600 about you and watch out for inattentive assholes
> this Audi driver.