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social costs

Wendell Gurley
06/19/97 10:42 AM

Arguement hasn't held up in the states that have actually identified the
costs...therefore helmet laws haven't spread across the states.  AIDS
victims cost more due to their own destructive behaviors.  Car drivers cost
many times more...many more of them uninsured.  Pick your battles, but
watch your butt...you'll be the next fingered for regulation.

>Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 06:40:51 -0700
>From: Fringe Ryder <fringe@ai.net>
>Not a chance in the U.S.  Too many lawyers.  Here's the problem:
>You're riding a bike.  You have an injury-accident.  You may or may not be
>insured.  The hospital is not allowed to refuse you medical care (true
>The state winds up picking up the tab, but, being the state, they only
>really pick up perhaps 60% of actual bill.
>This happens all the time.  Both hospitals and the government then have a
>vested interest in keeping your medical care bills after an accident down.
>Since we can't refuse you care, and wouldn't even know if you had
>and since your parents might sue if they didn't, they have to provide the
>care.  Because the U.S. Constitution forbids debtor's prison and Chapter
>(official personal bankruptcy) is so common, plus the average motorcyclist
>not having all that much in salable assets, collection proceedings aren't
>real effective.  Therefore, the helmet law.